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Roadtec 02

New at the start of 2024 the Roadtec 02 is a Super-Sport Touring tyres that doubles up your ride.

Two tyres in one! – When riding softly the long grooves under the footprint grant an optimal water evacuation and proper tread mobility that contribute to quick warm-up, contact patch conformability and hence better comfort and grip. The optimal behaviour for a Sport-Touring tyre class.

When riding sporty and the tyre is engaged at a higher pace, the walls of the narrow portion of the grooves join together increasing tread pattern stability. This entrusts the compound to deliver all the grip potential, improves trajectory precision especially when leaning and determines a Super-Sport class tyre behaviour.

Handling – The footprint surface is very smooth thanks to the reduces quality and ease of handling. Less grooves translates to less interruptions of the surface, bringing less vibrations, less noise and a more uniformed transition from upright to leaning.

Dry Condition – The greater rate of rubber in contact with the ground enables the footprint area to generate more grip. Moreover, the Adaptive Tread Patter design increases the tread compactness and reactivity when riding faster. Rear sizes feature a dual compound layout, with a sift stripe that increases grip when leaning. This soft stripe covers approximately 80% of the tyre width, equally split between the two sides.

Wet Grip – The new generation of full-silica compounds of both the front and rears improve the chemical adhesion to wet roads. The use of similar compounds on the front and rear shoulders, provides an homogeneous contact feeling when leaning.


120/70 ZR17 (58W) £151


160/60 ZR17 (69W) £182

180/55 ZR17 (73W) £190

190/50 ZR17 (73W) £197

190/55 ZR17 (75W) £203



110/80 R19 59V £165

120/70 ZR19 60V £170


150/70 R17 69V £188

170/60 ZR17 72W £192

Our pricing includes VAT and fitting to loose wheels. All prices are based on tyres in stock, if tyres need to be ordered in to fulfil your order we will advise of any supplement at time of ordering.



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