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PIRELLI ANGEL GT2 THE SUCCESSOR OF THE BEST LONG-LASTING SPORT TOURING TYRE The evolution of the PIRELLI ANGEL? GT further develops the PIRELLI Gran Turismo concept Top handling in line with Pirelli DNA added onto a new reference for mileage in Sport Touring tyres segment Outstanding wet behaviour also thanks to a new innovative tread design coming from PIRELLI DIABLO? racing tyres for wet conditions A product that makes the difference when it comes to how electronic rider aids interact with the riding experience Dual Compound layout on rears Access the full potential of your machine A significant improvement on bike handling thanks to footprint consistency, whatever your lean angle The definitive contributor of bike set-up: versatile for both touring and pushing hard, making the best out of the latest generation of electronic rider aids Delivers outstanding performance in wet conditions New structure with variable cord end count derived from super-sport technologies combined with industry leading compounds High-silica compound to match the new tread design derived from racing DIABLO? WET technologies coupled with dedicated contour Prevents the need of subliminal steering actions improving comfort Relieves the stress related to the eventual trigger of electronic rider aids Tread design refined to couple with new carcass featuring variable cord end count over tyre section Measure distance by how your wings carry you Wear regularity and duration preserve PIRELLI DNA until the last mile Tread design and compounds scheme coupled with specifically-developed profile
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