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BRIDGESTONE BATTLAX T32 The Battlax Sport Touring T32 is Bridgestone?s new Sport Touring flagship model. The T32 brings together everything the category needs in terms of performance, confidence and contact feel in all weather conditions. 7% shorter braking distance in wet conditions vs. predecessor 13% bigger contact patch on the rear tyre vs. predecessor New Pulse Groove pattern design technology Dedicated GT version for middleweight and heavy motorcycles. Bridgestone developed a fully dedicated T32 GT tyre with optimised groove positioning and construction for optimal pattern stiffness, along with the new Pulse Groove technology for better wet performance. The T32 GT also features improved stability and a 10% increase in wear life. State of the art advanced technological pattern groove design, combining pulse shaped grooves with small center defelectors. This equalises the waterflow and optimises the flow speed. All this results in increased water drainage, better grip and adhesion in wet conditions and less slip ratio. Together with the impressive numbers regarding contact patch increase (13%), shorter breaking distance (7%) and contact patch adhesion upgrades vs. predecessor? all without losing its highly appreciated linear and neutral handling behaviour ? the T32 defines a new benchmark within the Sport Touring category.
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