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BRIDGESTONE BATTLAX T31 The New Battlax Sport Touring T31, where safety and performance meet T31 becomes Bridgestone?s new flagship when it comes to safety and performance combination. The safe feeling of T31 is generated by the outstanding contact feeling and feedback the tyre is providing. The innovative pattern design and compound upgrades will make every sport touring rider confident whatever the condition. The steps made in the low temperature and wet conditions are directly linked to the R&D at molecular level on how to increase the Silica dispersion inside the rubber. Providing higher camber thrust due to a bigger contact patch in all lean angles is bringing the fun factor on Sport-Touring bikes to a new level as dry handling improved as well next to the bigger steps in the wet conditions. T31 will become your next travel partner or the one bringing that extra smile on the face after a nice run on winding roads as the full performance package has been upgraded without sacrificing the wear life. Product concept Provide the sport-touring riders the confidence through maximum contact feel and feedback in order to make them feel safe and enjoy every ride with the new Battlax Sport-Touring T31. Make T31 outstanding in wet conditions together with excellent handling performance. Technical aims ? Upgrade the wet grip/handling performance overall with a focus in low temperatures ? High feedback and contact feel of the road surface trough the tyre ? Enhance the neutrality and lightness in handling performance ? Increase the camber thrust forces ? No sacrifice on wear life Methodology ? Pattern design ? linked to water drainage and block deformation ? Compounding and construction (3LC + Cap and Base) ? linked to feel and grip + Stability ? Upgrading contact patch and adhesion/slip area. Front Pattern Main focus on the water drainage with balance between deformation and rigidity : - 1) Increased SEA/LAND ratio at shoulder area - 2) Small decreased SEA/LAND ratio at center area - 3) High angle groove position at center area Rear Pattern Main focus on the water drainage with keeping high speed stability in mind : - 4) Increased SEA/LAND ratio at shoulder area - 5) Reduced SEA/LAND ratio at center part - 6) Adjusted groove angle generating maximum camber thrust Benefits Improved water drainage Better WET GRIP Block rigidity Reduced Brake distance Larger contact patch Higher camber thrust Technical elements ? 3LC compound with Cap and base structure on the Rear tyre : Balance between Grip and cornering stability ? New front compound with new molecular approach : Improved silica dispersion Flexibility of the rubber increased for better contact feel of the surface ? Contact patch increase (up to 7%) from 0? to full lean angle : Generating higher camber trust (force to make the bike turn) ? Ultimate EYE Data shows the bigger adhesion area and smaller slippage area : Wet cornering grip improved Improved dry handling response

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