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The New Battlax Adventure A41 A new way of exploring. A41 becomes your NEW trail on road partner which makes your travel, whatever the condition, an undefinable experience. Trust and confidence were the aims of this full new development. The total performance package in dry and in particular wet conditions without sacrificing anything on wear life, made a big step forward. Never be afraid of sudden rain of wet weather conditions. By adopting multi -compound layer technology (3LC) for both front and rear in a cap and base configuration together with the innovative pattern design and groove positioning, it improves the water drainage and the grip level in tricky conditions. By revising the construction to find the right contact property in order to operate in harmony with the improved compound characteristics, the Battlax Adventure A41 is providing the confidence and contact feel needed to tackle the most incredible roads. Product concept Provide the Trail on road users of mid-size and big-size engines a true travel partner where confidence and contact feel are key. An all weather/surface gripping tyre which can take them wherever they decide. Technical aims ? Upgrade the wet grip/handling performance overall with a focus in low temperatures ? High feedback and contact feel of the road surface trough the tyre ? Enhance cornering and straight high speed stability ? No sacrifice on wear life Methodology ? Pattern design ? linked to water drainage and block deformation ? Compounding and construction (3LC + Cap and Base) ? linked to feel and grip + Stability ? Upgrading contact patch and pressure distribution Front Pattern Main focus on the water drainage with balance between deformation and rigidity : - 1) Increased SEA/LAND ratio at shoulder area - 2) Small decreased SEA/LAND ratio at center area Rear Pattern Main focus on the water drainage with keeping high speed stability in mind : - 3) Increased SEA/LAND ratio at shoulder area - 4) Adjusted groove angle for the water drainage - 5) Large block in center area Benefits Improved water drainage Increased WET GRIP Block rigidity Straight and Cornering stability Right deformation Feedback and confidence
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